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Some Of Our FAQ's

Do you offer ground coffee?

We strive to provide you with the best coffee imaginable. For us that means optimizing flavor and freshness, so we only offer our coffee whole bean form.

What’s the optimal time frame to enjoy your coffee?

We find that our coffee is at its peak freshness between 2-6 weeks from the roast date. Beyond 6 weeks you may notice a decline in flavor depending how it’s stored. Heck, if you have an 8 week bag that’s still sealed, rip it open and give it a whirl.

Why shouldn’t I brew my coffee right after it gets roasted?

Though we do believe in a  fresh is best approach, we also believe that our coffee needs to rest after roasting. During the resting period the coffee is degassing, releasing C02 that has built up during the roasting process. We have also found further sweetness and enhanced flavor occurs during this period. If you can hold out, we recommend waiting 2 weeks from the roast date.

How should I store your coffee beans for freshness?

Our compostable bags have a handy zip seal that will help keep your coffee tasting fresh and that oxygen out. Simply squeeze any air out and press the zip seal closed. Store in a cool and dry place.

How do I brew better coffee at home?

Invest in a high quality burr grinder.  This is the most important tool in any home brew set up and will instantly help you improve your journey to brewing tastier coffee at home. Beyond that, see what works for you, analyze your results and have fun! Always feel free to reach out to us or ask one of our baristas at our cafes for further recommendations. We are here to help!

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